NW Animation Fest 2013

Official Selections

NW Animation Fest received 628 film entries this year. Of these, 151 of the very best will be shown during our 2013 event. Many excellent films cannot be included simply due to limited screen time. We applaud the efforts of every artist exploring this difficult medium, and sincerely thank each of you who so generously shared your work.

  1. 108 Prayer Beads
    Han Han Li
  2. 366 Tage (366 Days)
    Johannes Schiehsl
  3. 38-39 Degrees Celsius
    Kangmin Kim
  4. 7596 Frames
    Martin Georgiev
  5. A Knock on My Door
    David Chai
  6. Aalterate
    Christobal de Oliveira
  7. After You
    Damien O’Connor
  8. Alienation
    Silvia Carpizo
  9. Amaqqut Nunaat (The Country of Wolves)
    Neil Christopher
  10. Amazonia
    Sam Chen
  11. Animated Self-Portraits
    Madi Piller
  12. Animation Hotline
    Dustin Grella
  13. Apple
    Lesley Barnes
  14. Ballpit
    Kyle Mowat
  15. Beat
    Or Bar-El
  16. Beep, Beep, Beep
    Smiley Guy Studios
  17. Being Bradford Dillman
    Emma Burch
  18. Belly
    Julia Pott
  19. Bibo
    Anton Chistiakov & Mikhail Dmitriev
  20. Birthday
    Jari Vaara
  21. Bite of the Tail
    Song E. Kim
  22. Black Box
    Monica Garrison
  23. Boderline
    Dustin Rees
  24. Boo Yang Man Floater
    Tae youb Kang
  25. Boogodobiegodongo
    Peter Millard
  26. Bubbles
    Studio 309: Students of the Art Institute of Portland
  27. Butterflies
    Isabel Peppard & Warwick Burton
  28. C’est La Vie: The Chris J. Melnychuk Story
    Quickdraw Animation
    Jonah Ansell
  30. Caldera
    Evan Viera
  31. Car Crash Opera
    Skip Battaglia
  32. Cee Cee’s Bedtime Stories #1 and #2
    Joy Vaccese & Noelle Melody
  33. Chicks on the Highway
    Helen Unt
  34. Choir Tour
    Edmunds Jansons
  35. Choros
    Michael Langan & Terah Maher
  36. Coffee Nerves New York
    Gary Leib
  37. Combustible
    Katsuhiro Otomo
  38. crazy for it
    Yutaro KUBO
  39. Daisy
    Agathe Bray-Bourret
  40. Dance for Your Life, Puny Human
    Justin Connolly
  41. De l’autre côté
    THE LAB 3
  42. De riz ou d’Armenie
    Samy Barras, Helene Marchal, Romain Blondelle & Celine Seille
  43. Dell’ Ammazzare Il Maiale (About Killing the Pig)
    Simone Massi
  44. Detente
    Pierre Ducos & Bertrand Bey
  45. Don’t Be Nervous
    Peter Gulsvig
  46. Dove
    Andrew Hagel
  47. Down With The Dawn
    Run Wrake
  48. Dream Jobs
    Gail Piyanan Suntasiri
  49. Dripped
    Leo Verrier
  50. El Delirio del Pez León
    Quique Rivera Rivera
  51. Evolution
    Robert Cseh
  52. Fear of Flying
    Conor Finnegan
  53. Feral
    Daniel Sousa
  54. Fresh Guacamole
  55. From Dad to Son
    Nils Knoblich & Stephan Hanf
  56. Galim susitikti, galim nesusitikti (We may meet, we may not)
    Skirmanta Jakaite
  57. Getting aHead
    Norman Yeend
  58. Grand Prix
    Marc Riba & Anna Solanas
  59. Gum
    Noam Sussman
  60. Hard Heavy Headbang!
    Masam Hashimoto
  61. Head Over Heels
    Timothy Reckart
  62. Herr Hoppe and the Nuclear Waste
    Jan Lachauer & Thorsten Löffler
  63. Historia d’Este (Story of Him)
    Pascual Perez
  64. Honor Code
    Richard O’Connor & Katy Chevigny
  65. I Am Tom Moody
    Ainslie Henderson
  66. Ignatus: Le Soleil Chante (The Sun Sings)
    Delphine Burrus
  67. International Father’s Day
    Edmunds Jansons
  68. Junkyard
    Hisko Hulsing
  69. Kärbeste Veski (Fly Mill)
    Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
  70. Keha Malu (Body Memory)
    Ulo Pikkov
  71. Learning to Fish
    Teemu Auersalo
  72. Linear
    Amir Admoni
  73. Lofty Thirst
    Febrianto Pudi Utama
  74. Lonely Bones
  75. Luna et Solaris
    Vanessa Levesque
    Joel Simon
  77. Magic Cube and Ping-Pong
    Lei Lei
  78. Marcel, King of Tervuren
    Tom Schroeder
  79. Melissa + Post It
    Cesar Cabral
  80. Mobile
    Caleb Wood
  81. Modern No.2
    Mirai Mizue
  82. Mopeys
    Miang Tassniyom
  83. More Than Winning
    Nick Fox-Gieg
  84. My Strange Grandfather
    Dina Velikovskaya
  85. Nature Regulate
    Pooya Abbasian
  86. Nectar
    Pascal Laquerre
  87. No Noodles
    Tyler Nicolson
  88. O’Moro
    Christophe Calissoni & Eva Offredo
  89. Oh Willy…
    Emma de Swaef & Marco James Roels
  90. Once Upon a Time
    THE LAB 3
  91. OTZI
    Evan Red Borja
  92. Out of Nowhere
    Maayan Tzuriel & Isca Mayo
  93. Out on a Limb
    Falk Schuster
  94. Overcast
    James Lancett & Sean Weston
  95. Paperman
    John Kahrs & Kristina Reed
  96. Peacemaker Mac – The Island of Dispute
    Yotam Cohen
  97. Pepe & Lucas
    Brain Zoo Studios
  98. Piirongin piiloissa (Chest of Drawers)
    Sanni Lahtinen
  99. Portlandia “Zero Rats”
    Rob Shaw & Bent Image Lab
  100. Pythagasaurus
    Peter Peake & Aardman Animations
  101. Reflection
    Yoshimichi Tamura & Planktoon
  102. Shift
    Jimmy Yuan
  103. SHUTUP!!!
    Maria Avramova
  104. Slapjack
    Rosemary Fung
  105. Sleight of Hand
    Michael Cusack
  106. Slow Derek
    Dan Ojari
  107. Solipsist
    Andrew Huang
  108. Somnium
    Noah Wohl & Nima Ehtemam
  109. Son Indochine
    Bruno Collet
  110. Spilt Milk
    Natalie Young
  111. Spirits of the Piano
    Magdalena Osinska
  112. Star Cross
    Ted Wiggin
  113. Sticky Ends
    Osman Cerfon
  114. Stretching
    Francois Vogel
  115. Sumo
    Laurène Braibant
  116. Sunny Afternoon
    Thomas Renoldner & Andi Haller
  117. Sweet Gum
    Zack Williams
  118. Symphony
    Erick Oh
  119. Thank You
    Pendleton Ward & Thomas Herpich
  120. The Box – Poltergeist
    Dadomani Studio
  121. The Chase
    Philippe Gamer
  122. The Eagleman Stag
    Mikey Please
  123. The First Time I Ran Away
    Joel Trussell & M. Ward
  124. The Fox and the Chickadee
    Evan DeRushie
  125. The Game
    Marcin Janiek & Badi Badi FX Studio
  126. The Goat Herder and his Lots and Lots and Lots of Goats
    Will Rose
  127. The Green Land
    Beijing Film Academy
  128. The Light That Died in My Arms
    Alan Foreman
  129. The Living Things
    Phil Davis
  130. The People Who Never Stop
    Florian Piento
  131. The Pod
    Bronto House Animation
  132. The Pub
    Joseph Pierce
  133. The Rooster, the Crocodile and the Night Sky
    Pádraig Fagan, Eimhin McNamara & Barry O’Donoghue
  134. L’Ere Bête (The Stupid Era)
    Thomas Caudron, Laurent Mériaux, Ingrid Menet & Clément Tissier
  135. They Both Explode
    Matthew Stephenson
  136. This Thirst
    François Vogel
  137. TINAMV1
    Adnan Popovic
  138. Topo Glassato al Cioccolato (Frosted Chocolate Mouse)
    Donato Sansone
  139. Toto
    Zbigniew Czapla
  140. Trainman Vol. 1
    Pavla Novotná
  141. Tram
    Michaela Pavlatova
  142. Transmission
    Jared D. Weiss
  143. Troubleshooting
    Eric Ko
  144. Tule Lake
    Michelle Ikemoto
  145. Tutu Funnytooth
    Mattias Mälk
  146. Una Furtiva Lagrima
    Carlo Vogele
  147. Ursus
    Reinis Petersons
  148. Velocity
    Karolina Glusiec
  149. Vernal Equinox
    Haiwei Hou
  150. Viewpoint
    Sae-byul Hwangbo
  151. Wind
    Robert Löbel

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