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  1. About the Festival
  2. How to Submit a Film
  3. Eligibility
  4. Deadlines & Fees
  5. Technical Requirements
  6. Payment
  7. Selection Process
  8. Use of Your Film
  9. Filmmaker Notification & Attendance
  10. Competition
  11. General Provisions

    A. About the Festival

  1. Dates & locations. The 5th annual Northwest Animation Festival will take place on May 4-10, 2015, at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon, USA. A repeat screening of all or most of our film programs will take place later that month at the Bijou Art Cinemas in Eugene, Oregon. The festival also encompasses a 2-hour “Best of the Fest” show that will screen one-day-only in each city in September 2015.
  2. Screenings & events. Festival events will include international shorts blocks, thematic screenings, feature films, guest shows, the Oregon Animation Industry Showcase, lobby exhibits, after-parties, and more.
  3. Films in competition. Films submitted to the festival go through a rigorous jurying process. All films selected for screening via this system will be considered “in competition” for special additional honors. This includes entries in the international shorts blocks, thematic screenings, and feature films. Films presented by guest organizations and entries for the Oregon Animation Industry Showcase are not eligible.
  4. Oregon Animation Industry Showcase. OAIS is a special event that showcases commercial work done by animators currently living in Oregon or Vancouver, WA. We invite both studios and freelancers to submit television and web advertisements, music videos, title sequences, VFX, video game cinematics, motion graphics, training videos, product visualizations, etc. Please note that submissions are only eligible for this event if they were specifically created for a paying client.
  5. B. How to Submit a Film

  6. Easy online submissions. Submit your film in three easy steps. (1) Fill out our online entry form at (2) Send us a copy of your video file using the online transfer method of your choice. (3) If you are submitting prior to October 1st, entry is FREE and your submission is complete. After that date, paying an entry fee will be required.
  7. Send the video file that you want screened! The digital file you provide for jurying is the same one that will be screened at the festival. In general, we do not accept preview-only copies of films. Do not watermark or place a “bug” on your film. If the word “screener,” a logo, or something similar appears over the image, your entry may be disqualified. Low resolution will also count against your film during our selection process, so please provide a high quality file.
  8. Only distributors & feature films may submit previews. Filmmakers submitting feature-length films have permission to send preview-only copies of their work. Distributors who represent multiple filmmakers may also submit preview versions of their films. Please be explicit that you are submitting a preview, otherwise we will assume that the file we receive is intended to be downloaded and screened as-is.
  9. Supplemental materials. No supplemental materials are required. It is unnecessary to send a press kit, still photos, filmography, director’s biography, promotional postcards, posters, etc.
  10. Submitting by mail. Online submissions are strongly preferred. If you must send entry materials via postal service, address them to:
  11. NW Animation Festival
    13932 SE Raymond St.
    Portland, OR 97236

    C. Eligibility

  12. All animated films are eligible. We accept any animated film — from anywhere, made whenever, shown wherever.
  13. Country of origin. Films may come from anywhere in the world.
  14. Completion date. You may submit films made at any time during your life.
  15. Premiere status. You are welcome to show your work at other festivals simultaneously.
  16. Internet. You may show as much of your work online as you like.
  17. Genre. All genres of animation are eligible: narrative, abstract, music video, advertisement, documentary, motion comics, machinima, non-play video game sequences, etc.
  18. Animation method. All animation methods are eligible: hand-drawn, computer, stop-motion, pixilation, rotoscope, motion capture, compositing with live action, etc. Documentaries and predominately live action films must have strong animation components.
  19. D. Deadlines & Fees

  20. Deadline compliance. Internet submissions should be sent before 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time on the deadline date. If sending materials through the postal service, be sure to allow 7-14 days for transit. Entries will not be accepted if they arrive after the final deadline.
  21. Submission deadlines. We begin accepting new submissions in August, 2014. For two months, anyone in the world may submit their films for free. Entry fees are required for submissions in October and November.
  22. deadline
    standard fee
    student fee
    Oct 1, 2014
    Nov 1, 2014
    Dec 15, 2014

  23. Distributor deadline for sending exhibition files. Distributors need to abide by our standard deadlines, but have the option to submit preview-only files for jurying. If selected, exhibition copies of the films must be provided by March 1. Failing to provide exhibition copies by this deadline will forfeit inclusion in the festival.
  24. Extended deadlines for feature films & Oregon industry. Entrants sending either feature-length films (60+ minutes), or video clips for the Oregon Animation Industry Showcase, have three extra months to make their submissions. There is no entry fee for films in these categories.
  25. deadline
    feature films
    Oregon industry
    Mar 1, 2015

    E. Technical Requirements

  26. Preferred format. We are able to work with nearly any kind of digital video file, but prefer to receive the following:
  27. file format .mov
    compression ProRes 422
    frame rate 24 or 25 fps
    aspect ratio 16:9
    resolution 1920×1080
    file size <2GB

  28. File format. We will attempt to play whatever you send — but strongly prefer .MOV or .MP4 files.
  29. Compression. We recommend using the ProRes 422 codec or H.264. Other codecs may work, but are more prone to compression artifacts and playback problems.
  30. Frame rate. We accept any frame rate, including 12, 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, and 30fps.
  31. Aspect ratio. We accept any aspect ratio. All films will be displayed in a 16:9 frame, with black bars added as necessary.
  32. Resolution. Please send the highest resolution file you’ve got. A vertical resolution of 1080 pixels is ideal. Minimum vertical resolution is 480 pixels.
  33. File size. There is no set limit on file size. In 2014, the average file size for short films was 600MB, and 2GB files were common. Files between 5 and 15GB are unusually large, and sometimes more difficult to transfer. If you are submitting a short film that is over 15GB, it’s likely a sign that you have not used appropriate compression.
  34. Digital video files only. We do not accept films on celluloid or tape.
  35. DCP reserved for feature films. We do not accept DCP files for short films. However, DCP playback is available as an option for features.
  36. F. Payment

  37. How to make payments. Pay entry fees via our online entry form using either a credit card or PayPal. If sending payment by mail, we accept check or money order. Do not send cash. Make checks out to “NW Animation Festival.” Our mailing address:
  38. NW Animation Festival
    13932 SE Raymond St.
    Portland, OR 97236

  39. U.S. funds. Payment must be made in U.S. dollars.
  40. Non-refundable. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  41. Student discount. To qualify as a student, you must be currently enrolled in a school. On your entry form, please identify which school you are attending.
  42. Multiple entries. You may submit more than one film. However, each must be accompanied by its own entry form and the appropriate fee.
  43. G. Selection Process

  44. How films are selected. Entries go through a rigorous evaluation process, being scored by a large international jury of peer artists. Scores are averaged and films are ranked. Final selections are determined by the festival director.
  45. Criteria. When evaluating submissions, we look for films that impress us with one or more of the following virtues: story, visual interest, humor, heart, ideas, craftsmanship, originality, diversity.
  46. Thematic screenings. Films that are appropriate for one of our thematic screenings may receive additional review by a specially qualified jury, which increases the chance of inclusion in the festival.
  47. Invited submissions. We routinely reach out to filmmakers whose work has been screened at other festivals. All submissions go through our juried selection process, regardless of source.
  48. Disqualification. Films that do not meet minimum technical requirements, or that are suspected of copyright violation, may be disqualified without further notice. Students in particular are advised not to use copyrighted music in their school projects!
  49. H. Use of Your Film

  50. Screening at the 2015 festival. By submitting your film, you authorize its public display at the 2015 Northwest Animation Festival. This includes one or more screenings at the Hollywood Theatre during May 4-10, a repeat of the same program at the Bijou Art Cinemas later that month, and one-day-only screenings at both venues if the entry is selected for our Best of the Fest show in September.
  51. Permission to download. Providing a link and password to your film via the festival’s entry form shall be understood as permission to download the video file for festival use. Vimeo users in particular frequently forget or don’t understand how to enable downloads from their site. To relieve burden on the festival, we reserve the right to use one of several means to extract a copy of the linked video file without further communication. If you do not intend for the file to be downloaded, you must notify us via email at the time of entry. Please note that it is our policy to only accept preview-only files from distributors and feature filmmakers. (See “How to Submit a Film.”)
  52. Transcoding. Typically we are able to screen video files without modification. However, sometimes we receive a file that will not play properly due to broken anamorphic settings, an exotic codec, or corruption. If possible, we will use transcoding software to fix the file in-house. If the playback problem cannot be fixed simply, we will contact you and attempt to get a replacement copy.
  53. Online jury. A copy of your video file will be posted on a password protected website for viewing by our international team of jurors.
  54. Press. The festival may choose to privately share a copy of your film with local press organizations for the purpose of garnering advance reviews.
  55. Still images from the film. The festival is granted permission to select and use still images from your film for publicity purposes. Examples: publishing photos in the festival program and on our website, printing posters and flyers, etc.
  56. Teaser video. The festival may use up to 10 seconds or 10% of your film (whichever is less) as part of a short online video promoting the 2015 festival.
  57. I. Filmmaker Notification & Attendance

  58. Notification. Filmmakers should expect to receive email notification of selection status for each submission by February 1, 2015. Notifications for feature films and the Oregon Animation Industry Showcase entries will be sent in April.
  59. Festival passes. For each film selected, the creators are entitled to two all-festival passes. Passes may be used by two persons who worked directly on the film project, or by one team member and the personal guest of their choice. Passes may not be transferred to other parties.
  60. Travel expenses. With regret, we are unable to provide airfare or hotel lodging.
  61. J. Competition

  62. Honors. Films that have been selected for competitive screenings are eligible for the following additional honors: “Best of the Fest,” “Best Student Film,” “Audience Choice,” and inclusion in our September “Best of the Fest” show.
  63. How honorees are selected. During the festival, audience members are asked to identify the films most deserving of recognition. Our primary criteria for selecting honorees is number audience votes. Our “Audience Choice” award is based solely on these numbers. “Best of Fest” and “Best Student Film” honorees are selected from top-scoring candidates by the festival director with assistance from an executive committee.
  64. Inclusion in the “Best of the Fest” screening. Because our method for gathering audience input is unusually labor-intensive, competition honorees are not announced during the main festival. Instead, these films receive special attention at our “Best of the Fest” screening in September. Filmmakers whose work is selected for this event will be notified via email at least one month prior to the screening.
  65. K. General Provisions

  66. Acceptance of rules. Submitting an entry form and/or video file to the festival shall be construed as acceptance of the terms set out in these regulations.
  67. Legal responsibility for film being submitted. By making a submission, the entrant affirms that they have proper authority to represent that film. The entrant accepts full legal responsibility for the content of the film, and shall indemnify the festival against all claims involving copyright, trademark or royalty infringement that may arise from it.
  68. Online security. Online file transfers and our password-protected online jurying system are vital to how we create the Northwest Animation Festival. Reasonable measures are taken to ensure the security and privacy of your film. However, it impossible for us to guarantee absolute protection against hackers and online theft. In the unfortunate event of a breach of security, the entrant shall hold the festival harmless, and forfeits the right to seek financial compensation.
  69. Schedule changes. We retain the right to make reasonable and necessary changes to the published festival dates and showtimes at our discretion.
  70. Elimination. Northwest Animation Festival retains the right to eliminate films from inclusion in the festival at any time, at its sole discretion.
  71. Language. In the event of any doubt, the English version of these regulations shall be the binding version.
  72. Contact. If you have questions, please contact the festival via email at

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