NW Animation Fest 2015

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The NW Animation Fest is a variety show that celebrates the best new work from independent animators around the globe. We showcase the breadth of this art form, screening films that are in turn hilarious, dramatic, strange and inspiring.

This year’s festival will take place May 4-10 at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. The heart of the festival, our juried selection of international shorts, will repeat on the following weekend, May 14-17, at the Bijou Art Cinemas in Eugene.

Portland’s schedule will include many additional events, including thematic programs by guest organizations, the Oregon Animation Industry Showcase, an exhibition of stop-motion puppets, after-parties, and a presentation by the animation geniuses behind Portlandia, Bent Image Lab.


The heart of the festival is our weekend celebration of International Short Films. Our multi-national team of 99 jurors spent the better part of the past year combing through 1385 submissions, ultimately selecting 176 for festival viewing. To find out when a particular film is playing, please check the Short Films Schedule.

Each International Short Films show includes three 1hour blocks, with two 15-20min intermissions. With regret, there are no repeat screenings (unless you attend again in Eugene). Pizza and beer are available in the lobby, or walk to one of several nearby restaurants in less than 5min. The Hollywood Theatre typically opens 30min before the first show of the day.

There are no formal age restrictions. Most shows include some mature content, such as minor nudity and cussing, probably equivalent to a PG rating. Saturday includes our “Family Friendly” show, which is intended for both savvy adults and younger children. Sunday afternoon includes “Strange & Sexy,” which includes overt sexuality and more extreme situations — perhaps ranging from R to NC-17, but not “sick & twisted”.

For our latest festival news, please visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

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